I hate to agree with you

I think Steven Segal is a big fat narcissistic liar and fool. BUT, I have to agree with his latest assessment of MMA. This is really hard for me to say. I loved the movies back in the day, but I grew to hate the man due to leach like connection to anything that may allude to some more divine greatness for himself. You are a reincarnated Buddha? Really Stevie? I don’t think Buddha beat his ex wife? Now don’t get all mad and piss your pants like you were the victim of a Judo Gene choke hold! I actually agree with some things you said. In a recent interview Steven Segal basically said that Jon Jones is big, conditioned, self confident, and lacking in striking technique. I completely agree. I agree to this for many world class MMA fighters. Now, the above does not make them less of a worldclass fighter - actually, it just might? Take a highly talented athlete that is relying on confidence and natural born talent, combine that with time tested skill - we may have just made the GOAT. I think Anderson Silva is a true example of this. George St. Pierre is too (even tho he has devolved his style into a win at all costs style that puts me to sleep better then a bottle of Nyquil - you and your Faraz Jab and Greg Jackson strategy are killing me).

Look at Anderson Silva. He is nothing special physically. He is extraordinary mentally and technically. This guy hates to lose at anything. If I beat him at checkers, I would fear being Vitor’d in the mouth, then buried out back. This guy has put in the time. He came up wild style at Chute Boxe then refined his game through Muay Thai and the Noguiera brothers. He has spent time in LA with the master, Freddie Roach and he has deemed himself worthy of the masters praise. Talent, technique, confidence, and time brought together in a pretty normal human package to create the closest thing to the GOAT.

I am not a Silva nut hugger. I hope Chael beats him. I love Chael’s schtick. He entertains me. he makes me want to watch. Can he back that shit up? Can he stick the GOAT over a pit and have a roast with friends? One of the many other reasons I love MMA. So many questions to answer.

Where was I? Oh yeah! Jon Jones is a freak. He is no technical genius He is a giant at 205 with a reach at 6’4 that is the same as 6’11 Stuve. This kid believes in himself and uses his physical gifts well. If it was just his freak size, every NBA player would also rule the Octagon. It takes more than gifts to be the man in that Octagon. Jon Jones has a good camp behind him and is doing good work........ today. Let’s see how he handles a loss. Is he Bob Sapp or is he Randy Couture. Bob got kicked so hard by Mirco in K-1 that he lost his balls for good. That man’s Mangina can have a bus parked in it - a very expensive bus due to the ridiculous promoters that pay him to fall down, a lot! Randy Couture came back more times then that crazy staph infection I couldn’t kick a few years back (I think that red spot on my arm is it again!). Bob Sapp has always simply been ginormous. Randy has always simply been Randy. You can beat size when it has no balls to back it up. You can only beat Randy with skill or a xxxxxl sized punch with a D1 Wrestling background.

Randy Couture sets the perfect example of the great champ. I hear his personal life is not so Title worthy but his in the cage exploits are lessons for us all to learn from. He would lose, then he would go back to camp, and finally destroy somebody to get the belt back. Randy never got discouraged enough to be less of a man due to a loss. He always came back better. That is the mark of a champion. The only loss Jon Jones has of late involved a telephone pole. I think the telephone poll wins again if they have a rematch. Randy ran into Brock’s pinky that is the size of the telephone pole JJ lost too. We all said he was done and we were all wrong once again.

Let us all see if JJ can handle the H-Bomb and keep that invincible feeling alive? Or just maybe we can get a true test of the man and his skill with a 2nd fight against Hendo that is to get his belt back instead of defending it? Either way, the UFC wins because I will continue to hate JJ and pay to watch him win or lose big.

Lastly, I still hate you Steve.

Brian Wright