I'm a dick

I’m a dick. I know it, you know it, and I don’t care who else. The truth is the truth. I am a dick for a very good reason. People say to me “Be nicer, you can achieve so much more if you feed them a carrot instead of using the stick.” Sorry people but in combat sports “the Carrot” is “the Stick”.

I have never fought nice or been treated well during a fight. Combat sports are nasty affairs that pit 2 people against each other in a duel of skill, muscle, and grit. The winner takes something away from the loser or puts their lights out. This is not tennis, this is combat sports we are talking about.

So, I am a dick because that is what it takes to prepare people for combat sports. If you want to climb over those ropes or walk into that cage, be prepared. It will never be easy and it will never be nice. If a fight lasts a second, you still had to endure the psychological torture that is “pre-fight”.

I make you nervous, angry..... maybe even scared? Good! That is what you need to be prepared. I am not here to break you every damned day. Just from time to time. I will build you up. I will make you a champion. The price is dealing with my cranky demeanor and constant assault on your weaknesses until there are none. You are human, so you will always have some weaknesses. So I guess you better get used to the assaults.

I have never had a fighter thank me for being so nice to them when they win. They always thank me for kicking their ass in a way that helped them kick someone else’s. Pats on the back come after the fight is done. Platitudes are reserved for when your career is over. While you choose to remain in the fight, it will be my job to remain a dick.

Know that I am a dick because I care. I really do only want the best for those I torture, I mean train. I am preparing you for the grind.

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