Stay The Course

If you believe in something you should stay the course. Not everyone will get you. Not everyone will respect you. Most will actually be negative, disrespectful, and in some cases - flat out hostile. This is the world we live in. Positive people support positive people while negative people try to bring you down to their level of discomfort or lower.


I have always had a vision for what I want to achieve. I have achieved some of it, come close to other aspects, and am still far away from a big chunk of it. I have never lost faith in my beliefs or lost sight of my vision. Some days I want to quit but refuse to allow myself that pain. Other days I am charging forward ready to smash everything in my way. Most days, I am simply chipping away at the obstacles and getting closer and closer. The key is that I enjoy the ride, I appreciate the things I have done, and I stay motivated to always want more.

Many a person has tried to keep me down or take away some of the things I have built for myself. Many have joined my ride and moved on. Some have returned while others have stayed away. It is all good for me. I will not change my course. I believe, this gives me the strength to carry on and to persevere.

Nobody has to understand you besides you. If you get it, that is all that matters. Keep dreaming and striving for your ideal and what you believe is perfection.

Brian Wright