Rounds of Joy

So it’s been a while. OK, it’s been a really long time. As a coach, I really don’t get time to do work for myself. I am holding pads and coaching guys thru sessions more times than not. When I do get a chance to work, it tends to be sparring. I have been ok with that until I decided to fight 1 more time. Now I have to shake off the rust, get used to listening instead of telling, and take some of my own advice.

I wanted to start training Dec 1st. I kind of did but I got sick, got better, and then got sick again! My 8 month old son with a developing immune system is bringing home tons of fun for me to deal with. Its ok, gotta deal with what gets thrown at me. It is my son after all, he can do no wrong :)

Dec 18th, 2013 was the 1st time I hit mitts since 2004. Seriously, it has been that long. I did 5 rounds. All I can say is “I suck, it sucked, no fun was had.”

One thing I am happy about is that there is only one first session back. Now it is time to drop the weight, clean up the skills, and keep moving forward.

The worst part about last night was my body not being able to do what my mind was telling it. I wanted to step, I wanted to bounce, I wanted to straighten out my cross…… but the body was just not having it. One thing with me is that my body will quit before my mind. This has gotten me thru many a hard day and also ruined many of my parts. I am either too stupid or too determined for my own good at times. My knee hurts, tough, keep pushing. My shoulder is clicking, tough, keep going…. I have broken and battered my brain, joints, and bones for a lot of years. I have had my time off and healed reasonably well. Time to be a little smarter and be ready to get stupid in the ring for 5 rounds.

I have lots of people asking me why I am doing this? I will say it again, just because I can. There are no real excuses. You either can or you cannot in this life. I want to fight, I can fight, and I will fight.

I watched the video of me doing work last night. Jesus I am fat. But I do see glimpses of what I used to be able to do. There is definitely hope for my fat ass. Give me a few weeks and I will be looking 30 instead of the 39, soon to be 40 that I am. By February, I will be back to my old form and close to my old weight.

I know I will never be what I once was. I really believe I will be better. Age brings a different set of challenges but it comes with experience.

Back to work – Brian Wright