Another level

I have been thinking and writing about commitment quite a bit. Nothing weird going on, I am already married and have a kid. I got over my commitment issues, 39 years later J I have been thinking about commitments that lead to success.

I just read an interesting article that pointed out the mindset of Yamashita. Yamashita was the greatest Judo Champ ever; 9 world titles in a row. In an interview he said that before a bout he would take a bath and make sure his house was in order. This was not some neat freak. He was doing this so if he died in competition his body would be presentable and his house would not be offensive to those that would have to take care of his property and affairs.

The above is a true champion’s commitment to competition. Yamashita was prepared to die in pursuit of victory. I would argue that he was battling perfection more then his opponent. He was not willing to die instead of lose. He was willing to die in his process. He was willing to die then dishonor himself or his sport.

How far are you willing to go in pursuit of your dreams and goals? Are you willing to give everything up in your pursuit or do you have the ability to accept less? Is it better to die fighting for your dreams then live with the knowledge that you quit on yourself, because you never quit on anyone else? Quitting is always a solitary choice.

What do you care about more then life itself? That is what you should be pursuing. The rest is a waste of time, your time.

Brian Wright