I was holding pads for a fighter yesterday, what else is new? After the 1st round I told him he was a little flat and needed to get his balance right. His reply was “I’m tired after yesterday.” My response was along the lines of “Stop complaining and do the work.” I am not ignoring the pain or soreness. I am asking him to live up to his commitment for the day. I will train him to his best but I will not accept anything less. That is why he will continue to be a champion. He agreed with me, put the words aside, then smashed the pads really well.

I would rather you take a session off then put in bad work, backed up with excuses. Yes, you will train better one day then another due to issues – sore, tired, hurt, distracted….. If you walk in with those negative ideas in your mind you are giving yourself the out. You are saying it is OK to not perform at a high level. You are saying it is OK to quit. If you have the ability to do these things, you have the ability to be a loser. I want you to be a champion.

Being a champion does not mean you have to be blind to your pain. It means you have to rest when you know that you can’t give 100%. The confidence to make that call is invaluable. To know what you need and be strong enough to give it is monumental in building a champion. You know that today off will allow you to be at your best tomorrow. You can’t do this when you want to. You have to do this only when you have to. Don’t use my words as an excuse to be a lazy loser. Remember this when you don’t want to but know you have to.

If you commit to doing something, do it. Do it to the best of your ability without doubt or any preconceived idea of how it should go. The day you feel like crap you may train great and on the flip side you may train like crap on a day you feel great. Be open to where your commitment will take you.

I don’t want to hear how many squats you did yesterday or how many rounds you hit the bag or how hard work was or or or or or….. Shhhhhhhhhhhh. It’s time to train not complain. Let’s do some work and forget the past.

We are here to be successful right now.

We are here to live a champion’s life.

Brian Wright

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