Pain is your best friend

Losers hate pain. When they see it coming or feel it, they stop or run away from it. Winners on the other hand, they love pain. It is their best friend. The more pain the better. They don’t just encourage it but they love it.

Why do I say such crazy things? Because, to be the best you have to be prepared for the pain that comes with being better than everyone else. While others quit, you keep driving ahead taking on more pain than those you leave behind. You have to take that pain and use it as fuel for your success.

If you quit in training you will fold in a fight. Your opponent wants you to quit. He wants you to fear and hate pain. He wants you to be less of a man they he is, so he can take the win from you. When you quit because of the pain, you not only lose the fight, you lose a big part of yourself. Nobody but you will know the truth. When you talk about how close it was to your friends , you will know inside that you didn’t push when you could have, you didn’t decide that winning was more important than that temporary pain the fight inflicted. So what you gave up in 1 second, you now live with for the rest of your life.

When training for competition, the only opponent you have is you. If you train to defeat the quit in you, you have a chance. If you quit when you the pain starts to creep in, you are giving away the fight before it begins. You have to condition yourself so pain becomes your friend. Pain lets you know you are working hard. Horrible pain lets you know you are giving it your all. When you care more about winning then the pain, no matter how hard, you have a chance to be great.

This article is not for everyone. This is for those that want to be something great. If you want to be like everyone else, forget my words and go be average. If you have a hunger that won’t be satisfied until you are the best ever, take my words to heart and embrace the pain that comes with the work of a champion.

Champions don’t do more, they endure more. What breaks you, motivates them. Make the mental shift from broken to motivated. Be unstoppable, be a champion.

Brian Wright - back to bringing the pain and creating champions