It's not what you want but what you are willing to do...

I have to start this off with, I am not perfect. I never pretended to be perfect and I don’t ask perfection from anyone. What I do ask for is honesty and effort.


Here we go. I am writing about distractions. We all fall prey to them. One day it can be a video game, good food, women, movies, TV, computers, cell phones, or simply sleep and so many more…….. As a new Father and Husband plus a long time business man and coach, I have had to decide what is more important or what will get me what I want out of life - give in to distractions and the allure of immediate pleasure or the long term stability and satisfaction of a more disciplined and focus life?


Everything comes down to not what you want, but instead, what you are willing to do. Everyone knows what they want and that can become the problem! Instead of going for it, we can watch somebody else do it. There is so much porn readily available for our minds that we never have to do anything at all anymore - porn is not just sex on film, it’s reality TV, docudramas, games that glorify our base desires, tabloids……. there is more artificial choices today than ever before. So, you have to ask yourself if watching is enough or do you need more?


I am not going to tell you your business but I will ask of you to question your commitments. What are you doing? Are you married but not committed? Are you working just for a paycheck? Are you emulating instead of being yourself?


I think everyone needs to question themselves daily or risk getting lost in the clutter life can accumulate. Its easy to let everything pile up and get lost. Dealing with our personal truth can be heavy because it will require action to maintain or correct. Coasting is easy, action is hard work.


What kind of person do you want to be? Are you prepared to do whatever it takes to be that person? Don’t kid yourself or pretend to others. You just make a fool out of yourself when you are not true to yourself or your ideas. In time all things come to light and all will know who you really are. Live in a way that you can be proud of or live in fear of the light because of the ugly truth.


There is no such thing as singular success. You are either a successful person or you are not. Success in one area and a disaster in another means you are a disaster not a success. You can win a thousand fights but fail at being a Husband or Father; you are not a champion, you are a loser. You can make lots of money but have no real friends or family relationships, now you are just a poor person with money.


Who is going to win the story of your life? Are you going to succumb to distractions and live in fantasy or are you going to walk the talk and be your dreams? Are you going to be a person you can be proud of or a person that has to hide because of the choices you make?


Everyone has done and will do things they are not proud of. Miyamoto Musashi said it best “Live life in a way you won’t regret.” This doesn’t mean you have to be careless or perfect. It means that we have to learn from the things we do and the choices we make. If we fall or fail but get up and learn - there is nothing to regret. Life is about learning and growing not being perfect. The only regrets we should have are from not trying, not learning, or being satisfied with synthetic experience.


Be bold, be brave, be honest, and live your life - put fantasy aside and create something in this world that will last beyond your years.

Brian Wright