Hard work crushes doubt

When we get run down, tired, have a set back, etc… doubt can creep in and make us lose confidence in our objectives. If your objective is a dream, you will lose passion in life. We have to do all we can to stay focused on our objectives and drown out negativity so we stay the course.



Hard work will crush doubt. Doubt is a part of the human condition. We are faced with it constantly. I ask a simple question each night to keep myself positive, did I do everything I could with my day? If I squeezed all I could out of it, I can’t ask anymore of myself. A day is only so long and I can only do so much. If I did it all, I am good! If I didn’t, I have to evaluate why and be more prepared for tomorrow.


When doubt creeps into my head, I don’t remember all the things I have done, I remember all the things I haven’t. The less “haven’t” and more “done” the less doubt and quicker turn around from doubting to believing. When faced with a challenge you will either be pulled down by the things you wish you did or lifted to new heights by the things you didn’t want to do but did because you knew you had too. Doing the hard task becomes a habit that leads to greater mental and physical toughness.


We are in control of each day. It is up to us to get done what has to get done and not get caught up wasting time with mindless or wasteful activities. When your success is more important than your entertainment, you will forget stay the course and be more apt to go to bed satisfied each night.


I recommend everyone take the time to ask themselves the productivity question nightly. Did you do all that you could to achieve your goals or advance your plans for the day? If yes, take inventory of why you achieved that success and replicate it tomorrow. If not, evaluate the obstacles and be more prepared for tomorrow.


Last point. No matter what happen in a day, you are ultimately responsible for the success or failure of that day. If you assign blame for failure and only accept credit for success, you are missing the opportunity to evaluate and grow. People will always get in your way. It is your job to overcome these people that are obstacles and get done what has to get done.


Brian Wright