Please just shut the f&ck up

Being an American used to mean something. It used to mean we were different from the rest of the world. Yes, just like the rest of the world, we have a history that includes racism, sexism, a bit of imperialism, and other assorted negative acts, themes, ideas, etc… This is all part of the evolution of mankind, not a unique American situation. None of this can diminish the advancements in science, arts, technology, medicine, education, social policy, and on and on and on….. There is really not advancement in this world since the nation's inception that has not benefited from the support of our nation intellectually or financially.


It was our spirit of independence that made us great. We are losing this with the rise of socialist ideas that have never worked and never will. When you start giving everything away for FREE, you destroy initiative and take away the value of everything. This is not some utopian society we live in. People cannot handle free. We have to be real about the effects of FREE. We have to be real about what it is that made America America.


If we are so tolerant of everything that we have nothing left to fight for, what is the point? We are no longer free, we are bound by new rules that do not allow us the real freedoms that we have lost countless citizens in defense of. Freedom is not always nice or pretty. Freedom includes ugly ideas that you may not agree with. That is the point. By having differing ideas and the freedom to express them, we have a constant conversation that evolves us all.

Political Correct and the all inclusive Socialist model will destroy America and make it just another failed European Socialist government. Asking me to be sorry for things I had nothing to do with, makes zero sense. Holding onto anger for things done to people of a previous era by people of that time, does not advance anything today. 

College campuses need 1st Amendment Free Zones? The idea that free speech can possibly offend is too much for some students too handle. Grow up and grow a pair. Have ideas that you value enough to handle the challenge of others. Even better, be open to the ideas others have that may challenge yours so you can really see if you believe what you do. Why not have an open dialog to advance all thought? Debate furthers the discussion people. 

Income inequality? Institutional Racism? Sure, it exists. But you created it with your apathy and financial irresponsibility. Forget your Million Student Marches and Black Lives Matter nonsense. Go vote for people that support your beliefs or better yet, run for office yourself. Go work for people that believe in what you do and run companies in ways that are socially responsible in a way you agree. Take your wages and spend them on products and services that fall in line with your beliefs. This is how the free world works.

If we are so racist, why do we have a Black President? If Republicans are so racist in particular, why is a Black man leading in their primary? If we are so sexist, why is Hillary leading the Democrat’s primary? Why is Opra a Billionaire? How is it possible for P Diddy or JZ to be Billionaires? If we are so Homophobic, why are Amazon and Apple run by Homosexuals? I can give hundreds of more examples of minorities, homosexuals, and women in positions that contradict the rhetoric. Yes, we still have a divide ethnically between the demographics of the 1% vs the rest of society but we still have a Black President, which means the most powerful man in the world is Black. That shows you how far we have come. 

Illegal immigration? Why do we have a problem understanding the difference between illegal and legal immigration? Why do we allow the talking heads to spin the conversation? We created illegal immigration by not wanting to pay a real world wage for dirty jobs. When we stopped wanting to fix, clean, and throw out our own stuff - we opened the door to the tune of 11 million plus illegals. Now we don’t know what to do with them? Maybe we should take care of our own stuff and pay a fair wage for everything? Maybe, just maybe we should clearly define illegal and legal immigrants? Maybe we should recognize those that have added value to America and those that have not - then do something about it? Maybe we deport the criminals, the non working, those that are getting all the FREE stuff…. I am sure we can figure out how to bring the productive illegals to legal status in an orderly fashion that makes sense..... I forgot that the government will be in charge so it is pretty much impossible.

FREE Education and Healthcare for all! Shut up. You don’t deserve it. Go out and earn your education and pay for a healthcare plan. Demand an education of value and demand reform to an insurance system that is broke. You voted and hired the people that screwed these systems up. While you were sleeping they created what we have. Wake up, it’s time to get a better way. FREE is not the answer because our level of care and education will continue to diminish. When teachers and Doctors get paid well, they do good work. When we decide to pay those that educate our children and take care of our health poorly, there is no incentive to do the work or do it well. Nice idea that people will do these things because they care, but the reality is that jobs get done for the pay and benefits.

The truth has and always be within. Your income inequality is your fault. Your failure to overcome is the issue. You have embraced the negative and lost out to those that may have an easier path and you have clearly lost out to those that embrace the hustle everyday. Those that would not accept anything short of success as they have defined it are crushing you. You are the oppressor, not the government, the racist, the sexist….. It is you that oppresses you by feeding the fire of malcontent, unwilling to do things that matter.

The answer is not FREE stuff. The answer is, hustle. Get off your ass and do something important today. Don’t accept a handout. Get a job, get good grades, make something others will want…. stop bitching and moaning that the game is rigged. No, the game is fueled by your failure and paid for by the money you waste on frivolous things because you need distraction from your lack of worth. Invest in you, invest in things you believe, and recognize the value of everything.

Proof that our votes and dollars matter; Mc Donalds, Coke, Pepsi, and Monsanto are all facing their 1st downturns in over 30 years because people are eating less junk and are more aware of their food choices. This is how things change. We evolve our understanding and we spend in a way that supports it. That is how you change corporate America. You don't like Walmart because they pay low wages and are non-union, why are you still shopping there? Put your money where your mouth is or shut your mouth.

As long as there is the idea of the quick buck, the get rich scheme, the FREE everything…. we will continue to have a huge portion of the population discontent, broke, and bitching. Wake up and embrace your failure. Get off your ass and do something that matters today. Nobody of consequence cares about your feelings, your sense of disenchantment…. DO SOMETHING.

In doing we create, in not doing we allow others to take away our dreams. Do, just shut the hell up and do.

Brian M. Wright