The courage to express one’s true self is one of the most important things one can do in modern society. We have been consumers for so long that the majority has forgotten how to create new objects, desires, ideas…. what happened to evolving the spirit to enhance the species?



Hollywood is remaking Forrest Gump. That is what we have become. Instead of finding the next great tale to tell, we are recycling our recent history.


Grab a pen and write. Grab a brush and paint. Grab another person and dance. Don’t grab anything and simply sing what is inside. Forget singing if you don’t want to, just scream and let the energy out!


Buying the experiences of others thru technology is not enough. Achieving in a digital space is not real. Being inspired by the works of others but doing nothing with the energy is a waste of humanity.


We are born to love, live,and interact with the world around us. Consumption and apathy in the pursuit of numbing existence is the downfall of humanity.


Learn to love yourself. Find the strength to be yourself. Live your life as a creator of experience and do the things that ignite your passions.

Be F&cking Brave!