Gym Jumpers

Lots of people gym jump. We are all free people to do what we want for sure. The thing to look at is why do some people jump? If you leave one for another because the schedule works better or your training has been lacking due to poor instruction, I get it. More times than not this is not the case.


Unsuccessful people have habits just like successful people. More times than not, it is personal failure that drives people from one gym to another. They can’t face their personal shortcomings, so they have to blame somebody else. The current gym and coach tend to take the hit when people can’t face their personal truth. I have not seen more than literally 1 or 2 people move on and do well. This does not speak to my training as much as the weakness these people are not addressing.

On the flip side, I have taken in quite a few people that have years of training and competing under other people and given them a 2nd life. Our system works but more importantly, we address the mental game as much as the physical. If you are not mentally tough and establishing positive patterns in your everyday life, you will never achieve great success.

When you can’t lose the weight or win a fight, it is you not your team, coach, gym, etc… No matter who you train with or what you train, if success is eluding you it's always you. Don’t jump gyms for your own short comings. Take time to invest in some self reflection and do the work to fill the holes in your mindset. Learn to be mentally tough and to shoulder the responsibility for your own choices.

Successful people are mentally tough enough to stick it out and get the job done, to listen to those with more experience, and disciplined enough to invest the time required to actually learn. Unsuccessful people blame others for their failures, train with people weaker so they can feel big, and constantly attach themselves to ideas that fit their narrative to allow for weak training, undisciplined training, and to make failure acceptable.

I recommend people do some self analysis before they decide to leave their current spot. If you are getting hammered; you have to up your game, not run away. If you are the only one not progressing, shoulder the reality that you need to suck it up and start behaving as a successful person does.

I believe everyone has it in them to be a success at anything they choose to do. I also know that individuals have to believe in themselves before anything I do or say will actually matter.

Brian Wright