Rhetoric is dangerous

All the rhetoric is a big part of the problem with violence and ignorance in America. Obama says he wants changes to the gun laws, and the NRA plus the opposition party starts screaming that guns will be taken away. This has lead to a nice boon in gun sales and an astronomical rise in ammunition sales. Way to go Obama, you actually created a worse situation.


Forget about Planned Parenthood. Take a guy with mental problems, stick him in the woods, and let him watch Fiorino talk about dead babies being sold for profit; then you get a homicidal rampage like we just saw in Colorado. Yes, your political speeches designed to sway voters that have little truth and make little sense empower the wrong people to do really bad things.

I am not anti guns. Having guns is an American thing. It is one of the founding principles of our nation and what keeps America, America. Before you start with your evolution of things argument, shut the f&ck up. Slavery was abolished, women gained the right to vote, and civil rights issues have constantly evolved. Guns are not part of this. None of what I just mentioned could rise up and defend an unjust government or threat from external forces. That is why we have the right to bare arms! As citizens in a free society, we have the right to protect ourselves from people that may choose to take away our freedoms. Don’t like it, move to a Socialist Utopia… wait that doesn’t exist.

We also need to stop baiting each other for votes! Race baiters, gun baiters, God baiters…. all political hacks trying to piss you off so you vote for or against somebody. People, do you realize that nobody is taking away your religion, enslaving minorities, or legally keeping anyone down? We live in a less violent, less racist, less sexist, more opportune America than any other time in history. BUT the people that profit off discourse don’t want you to know any of this. They want to fabricate problems to keep the negativity rolling on and the masses distracted.

Sorry folks, but we live in a gun culture. If you want to actually do something constructive here, stop yapping and start listening. We have to ensure that the majority of gun owners have their fears taken away with sound legislation that does not infringe on the rights of owners. Gun owners also have to realize that the system has been flawed by an over politicization of the issue. We should have to take a test and get a license like we do for driving, if we want to ensure a higher standard of gun owners and more responsible understanding of the issues at hand. Learn how to break a gun down and clean it properly. Learn muzzle control, prove you can hit the side of a barn, and pass a screening that at least ensures you are not a felon, officially recognized crazy person, and a citizen.

The solution is not that hard when you look at it objectively, instead of politically. We all need to talk less, listen more, and make some changes that make sense. And Mr. President, people die on every continent, every single day due to gun violence. This is not a unique American issue. What is unique is that we are the most free nation on earth with the systems in place to pass real legislation but we have our collective heads so far up our asses that we can’t do anything real. It is not about stroking your ego and being right or left. It’s about being a good citizen that does what is best for the country as it was intended.

Brian Wright