Every moment has something to teach us

Life has so many teachable moments. My students are my best teachers. A tired morning where my mind is just not working gets turned into a huge moment of clarity by a new members struggle on the mat. A short conversation opened up a flood gate of thought, actions, and progress us both.


As a teacher, I need to teach. I have 30 plus years of Marital and Life experience inside me. If I do not share this experience, what was the point? Staying engaged with my world, my members, my family, my friends…. this is my responsibility as a teacher but even more so as a human. We learn so much more collectively than we do alone.

I wake up everyday appreciating how fortunate I am to have the people and opportunities I do in my life. Appreciation acknowledges the importance of everyone in my world and this is key to maintaining any advances we make. We cannot appreciate things for a moment, we must embrace them for a lifetime so we continue to build more and more great things on top of everything that we are.

Thank you to everyone that opens their hearts and minds daily to find some meaning and greater truth in our struggles.

Brian Wright