I need you to consider this

I was talking with a friend about his business yesterday. The topic of business growth came up. He was trying to convince me that he didn’t have the time to hit the number of people he needed to hit each week to get the numbers he needed to for growth. In my normal easy going manner said “BULL$HIT!” The argument that we don’t have time is ludicrous. 


Most people have the ability to take a vacation at least once a year. They go and spend money and time away from work. In that time, the company doesn’t go under, clients don’t leave in a mass exodus, and the money doesn’t evaporate. Why not take a vacation from staying busy and put some real time into growing your business? Take a week off of doing and just go meet everyone in your target communities. Go to a chamber meeting, join a business lunch group, meet your kids teachers….. just step back from being busy and expand your business by engaging your potential customer directly for a week, a day, a weekend.

When you think of how much you can’t get done and its threat to your family life - flip that to think about the new income potential you are missing by not taking the time. Go meet 2, 3, 4, thousand people in a week. If you can convert 1 percent of that you are looking at 20 to 40 new customers.

20 new customers can change most of our lives.

Forget about planning a trip to Disney this year. Plan a trip in your own market to meet all the people who have no idea who you are and what you offer. Engage your community, inspire action, and increase the profitability of your efforts!

Brian Wright