I dare you to try and stop me

There will always be a critic. Somebody will always be talking $hit about you. If you have thin skin, you will let the negative talk derail you from the goals you once set out to conquer. Forget about losing, letting the negative talk bring you down let’s the do nothings win. Do you really want to end a dream over words? That means you didn’t want it bad enough to begin with.



We all have dreams. At some point we get a flash of inspiration that makes us want to change the course of our lives. Never lose your connection to that inspiration. There was a reason you were energized by something, don’t allow the energy to fade because of the negative influence of others. This is the challenge we all face. We can dictate our own lives or we can be directed. I want to live on my own terms and be accountable for the success and failure of my own actions. I refuse to give control of my choices up to somebody else. It is hard enough to fall short on something, but so much worse when we fall short because we gave our power to someone else.


To maintain our inspiration we have to provide ample opportunity to remind ourselves of our purpose and to hold ourselves accountable. This is a daily practice. You can’t sleep on a dream from time to time. You either want something so bad that you will do the work, or you will never reach your full potential. When you want something bad enough, you will stop with the excuses and you will find a way to motivate and inspire daily.


Take notes, speak to yourself, tell people around you…. communicate your passions constantly. If people don’t agree or discourage, they have to go. There is no room in this life for people that want to bring you down. Find like minded people or if you are struggling, people with the mindset you want. Strength in numbers!


Continuity is the key to everything. You have to have your inspiration and dreams concrete and clear in your mind at all times. You have to strip away all actions that do not have roots in your dreams. Excess has to go in all forms. Get rid of the negative think, the clutter we accumulate, the relationships that are a burden….. I think you get the point. You have to have continuity in your dreams, your thoughts, your words, and your actions.


You are the only person that can derail you. It is never the actions or words of others. It is always your personal response to what has been said or done. It is you that controls you. If you really believe in something, die fighting for it or succeed. This is how you become world class and a real game changer.


Leave quitting, blaming, and chatter to the losers. Embrace your dreams and take drastic actions without compromise. Establish your relationships with people of like mindset. Seek out mentors that have answers to make your struggle more efficient. Be world class and don’t stop until you get what you set out for.    


Stay on it and make what you want happen!


Brian Wright