Let it go

I talk about this quite a bit; why do we have to be right, at the expense of actually doing the right thing?

People, companies, businesses… many of them fail because too many people are attacking and playing defense instead of mounting an offensive to create profits or just a better something. I see this happen most when people are so desperate to be called right that they sacrifice the right thing. Instead of allowing other ideas influence a project or plan, we just say “NO!” and just do what we want because there is no room for anything else. People, it’s called pride, and it comes right before the big fall.

You have to let go of the ego and the pride if you want to lead people to a better place or create a life that has a positive impact. Right will always be right, I am not saying you have to have a herd mentality. You have to be educated and confident when dealing in facts and truth, but open to info you may never have come in contact with before plus other’s opinions that may just be better or more informed than yours.

Isn’t the object of everything to be better? Let’s be better together instead of right in word, wrong in deed, and alone with the result.

Brian Wright


CEO Phitin


Owner, Killer B Combat Sports