Satisfaction, why do some people think of it as a dirty word? As a leader it is my responsibility to find out what makes people feel satisfied and help them achieve that while achieving what needs to be done within the company. If they can’t serve themselves while serving the company, they need to move on. This is the greatest challenge of leadership but the only challenge really worth taking on.

As a business owner or manager, you are taking on a huge responsibility with employees. Not only do they achieve what has to be achieved to reap your rewards, they fund their life’s ambitions and pay for the necessities in life through your employment. Act like you own them and they give up on their ambitions and don’t serve you very well or for very long. Act with the care responsibility brings and you can create a mutually beneficial trade through your work. Mutual benefit is the goal if you are a leader instead of a boss.

I see many people acting as if they own people just because they sign a paycheck. These are not good people doing good things. Your employees own you because as much as you depend on them they depend on you to do the right thing overall that will keep them employed. People that love their work do more and take the time to pay attention to the details more. It sounds so easy, but for so many it is so hard.

I make satisfaction a requirement in my company. You must be doing daily things that make you feel accomplished and satisfied at the end of the day. I have to make the decisions that benefit us all and keep my eye on what is to come so we don’t fall behind. This is leadership and I take this very seriously.

What you want doesn’t mean anything if you can’t pull together a team of people that will find satisfaction while achieving your goals. Be smart about who you hire, make sure you are giving them what they need in their job - not just their pay, and make sure you only do things that create mutually beneficial results. This is how you create longevity and legacy.

Brian Wright


CEO Phitin

Owner, Killer B Combat Sports