What league do you compete in?

One of the many things I like about sports, is that the jump from amateur to professional is permanent. The minute you get paid to do what you do, there is no going back. The minute you go pro; the rules change, the risk increases, and you have a limited amount of time to make your mark. I wish people in business could understand this better.

I run into business people constantly that go back and forth between professional and amateur behavior. There are no specific demarcations, associations, or steps to go from am to pro in business. What we have is profitable behavior and non-profitable behavior. The person who goes it alone or can’t play well with others may make some money, but they won’t make it for that long and they won’t be able to build anything of real lasting value. Those that see the value in professional behavior create relationships that last and a business that can scale.

Winning the Super Bowl in business may vary from 1 to another but it tends to be multiple levels of growth. Winning is growth financially, positive relationships, and increase according to scale. If your business can outgrow you while maintaining your goal structure, you won.

You have to wake up daily prepared to be professional. You have to make money and positive gains on multiple levels to keep your pro status. Once you drift away from profits, growth or even maintenance of profits — you are degrading back to amateur status. In sport, once you fail or outlast your pro career — you have to retire because it’s illegal to be an amateur again. What would you do if your business was run that way? How would you handle mandatory retirement if you failed to conduct yourself as a professional?

Act accordingly and make sure you are playing the big league daily instead of jumping back and forth between touch and tackle.

Brian Wright


CEO Phitin


Owner, Killer B Combat Sports