Don't fall in love

The adjectives used in your business should not be personal. When I hear a buyer describe something they bought as “Fabulous”, I cringe. When you are running your business to appease your own taste or acquire objects of your personal liking, you run the risk of becoming emotionally attached to your product. The job is to provide the market with a solution to a need. That is how we make money in business. We don’t run cults, we run businesses.

Drop the personal adjectives and get the focus off of you. Every decision in business should be based on the needs of your niche. It’s never what you want to say or do, it’s what can you say or do to bring value to your market. If you always make it about you, you won’t survive because your lows will be too personal to swallow and your highs will be too emotionally charged to maintain.

At the end of the day, our success and failure is based on profitability. You can fall in love with your product and service all you want, but you have to sell it and you have to profit off of it if you want to live off of it. Falling in love just sets you up for heartache and failure. Be passionate about business and what it does for your market. To have personal joy, you have to create it for others 1st. Alone with bills to pay and lots of inventory you love does not sound like a good scenario. I would much rather have a group of people singing praises about my brand, the bills paid, and scrambling to fulfill orders faster than I can stock the shelves.

This will never change, to get what you want, you have to give the market what it wants. Do what you do for others to get what you need for yourself. This is the mutually beneficial trade that creates unstoppable businesses.

Brian Wright

CEO Phitin

Owner, Killer B Combat Sports