Time is a theory

It’s Monday. We get this opportunity every 7 days. This is a construct of humanity. We all agreed to abide by this system that measures time. The system is here to keep track but so many of us use it as an excuse to procrastinate. You think you have time. You think you can coast for 5 days and live for 2. You see time in a way that lets you not be your best because you keep shifting it and shaping it to fit your perceived need for sloth. Really, you have a need for sloth. You can’t deny it when you look at it all objectively.

So, here is the challenge. Forget about time. Just live. Don’t judge how much you have left or how much has gone by. Just live without concern for time. Take action because all you have is this moment. Live with a deep appreciation for moments because these are what you will remember. We don’t remember numbers, we remember what we did or did not do.

You can hate Monday, love Saturday, cry Sunday night… or you can live. Stop hating a theory and start living your life.

Brian Wright


CEO Phitin


Owner, Killer B Combat Sports


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