It's not how hard or how long you work...

I know quite a few people that work really hard but don’t really get anywhere. If we are going to subscribe to the “hard work” philosophy for success, anyone who puts time in should be getting the big rewards, right? Nope! I don’t care how hard or how long you work. I don’t care about the personal sacrifices. I really only care about 2 things; did you get the job done with quality and does the marketplace care about what you are creating with your efforts?

No matter how hard I work, I was never going to play in the NFL or NBA. I was fortunate enough to be a professional in my line of work but I was never destined to drive NASCAR, play for the NFL, or shoot a 3 pointer in the NBA. we don’t reward effort, we reward those that put their efforts where their skills are strongest and can have the greatest impact. Michael Jordan was arguably the best NBA player but when he went to baseball, he was average at best. It just is what it is and you are who you are.

I am not saying success is easy when you know what you are good at either. I am saying that you will have to work hard and put out herculean efforts to be top dog in the field that matches your strengths. The difference is that the matching of skills with position can produce results while efforts towards things where you lack skill or can’t capture attention are a huge waste of everything. I also find that working hard within my strengths is much easier to stomach. If I am engaged and feel good about what I am doing, I always achieve so much more.

Don’t let anyone tell you that happiness does not belong in the workplace. If you are using your strengths to their fullest and applying your skills where they will have the greatest impact, happiness should be part of the process. Misery comes to the clock watchers and time-card punchers. Those that do what they were meant to do are living the dream.  

Be real about who you are and what you do best, go do it daily and build a life off of positive efforts instead of just grinding with little purpose.

Brian Wright


CEO Phitin


Owner, Killer B Combat Sports