Masakatsu Agatsu - True Victory is Victory Over One’s Self

Masakatsu Agatsu - True Victory is Victory Over One’s Self


I have this tattooed on my left arm. It is sits there as a constant reminder that my greatest struggle is within. If I can conquer my demons, fears, and anxieties I can achieve all that I have ever dreamed and beyond.

The great struggle for us all is getting out of our own way. Once we start chipping away at the self inflicted hurdles we can run so much farther and harder towards the direction that was once a dream but can now be an attainable goal. We can crush others but it serves no purpose. By crushing our weaknesses and lifting up those around us, we achieve a life that can be viewed as a victory. Victory means we win, we don’t just find happiness or the idea of success. Victory….. win the glorious battle that is your life.

The angriest of us have not taken on the challenge of self. It is anger at our weakness that causes us to lash out at the world around us. Take responsibility for who, what, and where you are. You are who you are because of the choices you have made. Your reactions to things done to and around you created your relationships. YOu are 100% responsible for everything that is you. It is your actions or lack thereof that has created your world.

The opportunities of this world are boundless. Do not let your lack of vision created by a negative response to the world around you defeat you. Find victory in life by overcoming the negative reactions and the chatter of your mind that blocks you from the heart. Believe in your exceptional abilities, connect with what you love, and become an undeniable force.

True victory is your s for the taking. The next decision you make will start you on the path to victory, neutrality, or defeat. Take a stand for yourself and win this battle - the world will be better for it.


Brian Wright