Get back to where you started

It is hard to be the boss. It is hard to own something with as many moving parts as a business. This is the choice you made, so you need to man/woman up and stay inspired. If you lose the love that got you into this, you will lose your business at best or lose everything you have because you over invested financially in what you personally don’t want anymore. Every single day we have 1,000’s of business owners facing this. You can fold and get crushed or you can reignite the fire and get back to the work you so wanted to do once before.



Enough philosophy, we need solid tactics if we are going to win this fight. I am not going to drop a big blueprint. I am going to ask 2 things of you to get started back on the path to success, security, and some needed stability.


  1. I need you to go find a quiet space with a notebook, computer…. something you are comfortable recording your ideas with. Put yourself back to day 1 and start taking notes on all the reasons why you got started. Then I need you to remember how you felt once you opened. I am sure these will all be amazing positive things with lots of energy and passion. You need to remember these things and reconnect with that day 1 feeling again.

  2. Now we need to do some practical research. Get your customer info out. See who your best customers have been since you started and who has left you over time.

    1. Personally contact your best customers and let them know you appreciate their business. Don’t ask for anything. Just say thank you. You will be surprised what conversation and new business can be started with simple gratitude.

    2. Now you have to reach out to the customers you lost. Call them and thank them for the business they have done with you in the past. Ask them if there is anything you can do to earn their business back. Follow this up with an email thanking them for their time and let them know their input will be used going forward. Offer a discount on services or something free as a sign of appreciation.


This is just the beginning. You have lots to do but these 2 steps will reconnect you with who you were before you lost your passion. This is your business and your money. Reclaim your life, your work, and create security that has eluded you.


You can do this.


Brian Wright