Get rich quick is bull $hit

Get rich quick will never go away. Predatory assholes will always find people looking for shortcuts. Marketers will always target the weakness of humans and exploit it…. Here is the real truth about everything; Almost all quick results are short term. You in it for the short term or are you looking to develop a long term stable platform that can afford you everything you have wanted in life? Stability is success. Even if you like to ride markets and work in a volatile environment, stability in lifestyle and income is success. Have whatever process or craft that you want, just make sure it provides what you need.

Back to the get rich quick issue; the marketing platforms for these scams is ever evolving while the message and language has stayed the same. Instead of direct mail and cold calls, you are now getting spammed in your inbox, bombarded with with ads on social media, and bothered by bots everywhere. The best thing you can do is avoid the click bait and focus on 2 things.

Be the best you possible
Create real connections with real people.

If you can do the above, you will survive the bubble pops and market crashes because you are authentic and you have real relationships. This takes time and effort. So many want to go straight to bling bling and a nice whip. Stop fooling yourself by buying into the false narrative that all the riches in the world can be yours if you buy the book or watch the video. You will only get what you earn and you will only keep what was built with substance. 

The only people making money off the get rich quick are the marketers. They haven’t done anything they are selling. They just make money preying on your fears and weaknesses. Be strong and resist the slick campaign. Be strong and figure yourself out. Be strong and create real relationships with people you can be of service too. This is how you survive in every environment and create stability.

Brian Wright