It's your happiness, define it for yourself

Did anyone ever try to talk you out of happiness? You get to a place where you feel good about life, then you get that 1 asshole who tries to fuck it all up?! We define our happiness and we define what is success. It’s called being self aware. If you are introspective enough to really know yourself, you can define success and happiness for yourself. I bet it won’t be watches and cars that your soul is smiling from either.



Turn on your TV and you are being bombarded with a scripted idea of success. If you run into a negative person, you will be force feed that success is only for the gifted and silver spoon crowd. Seriously, turn that shit off and don’t listen to the negativity. If you are happy, be happy. If you are achieving things that give you a sense of success, you are successful. Who am I to judge and who is anyone else to question your personally held beliefs? You be you and be satisfied with that.


Achieving success is hard no matter how you define it. If you are self aware, hard working, and knowledgeable enough to achieve it - don’t let anyone get in your way.


You be you and be happy, be successful.


Brian Wright