Focus on the work

If you focus on the impact of the punch but skip the fundamentals that got the fist there, you are never going to hit that hard. The results are the results but the fundamentals are what get you the results. The end is easy to see, it is fun to watch, and is completely distracting from the true source of successful execution. Pay attention to the details!



It’s not just for punches and kicks. Keep focusing on the cars, watches, homes, boats,.... You will miss the hard reality that you need skill, hustle, and lots of knowledge to achieve anything. BTW - most of the pics you see of unknown hustlers are renting the cars and taking pics at somebody else’s house. You want to acquire wealth, focus on the work 1st. You want to be anything, focus on the work 1st.


Again, end results are easy to look at. The process is the path and it is something you have to love if you ever want to be great. The details within the process will dictate the greatness of your result. If you want to be world class, your attention to details must be as great as your desired outcome. Everything matters, look for the little things that add up to huge success.


Having a problem getting a team to stay focused? Make sure you train people to understand their place in success. Make sure you train people so they understand that their attention to the details is what adds up to individual success as well as the overall success of the company or team. Everyone is part of the overall value and everyone has to pull their weight to maximize results.


If you choose to ignore your leadership responsibilities and just hope people figure things out, you will fail. Appreciation for the process is instilled by good leadership and the shared victory of a result is taught, it does not organically occur. Teach process and attention if you want real results and a solid team. A hook lands with power when you shift your weight and punch from the floor. As much as we need to focus on our feet to land a punch, we have to focus on so many things that may seem obscure in our daily actions but are the real foundations and principles for our success.


Punch from the floor, lead from the front, pay attention to the details, and never assume anyone will organically get anything.


Brian Wright