Fired up today!

Full on attack mode! I go through periods of introspection, followed by periods of ripping off faces and knocking out teeth. It’s just the nature of the beast that is me. I can focus on my own shit for so long before I start taking notice of the dumb stuff going on around me. Here are some shit trainer tactics driving me nuts:

Fat loss Challenges

30 Days Free that are not really 30 days free

The secret things you have to email somebody to find out

The claims to be the best when you ain’t shit

22 year old life coaches

Fuck you guys. I am sick of the predatory nonsense. I am sick of playing to people’s fears to make money. What the fuck happened to integrity? What the fuck happened to having skills forged in experience? Fuck YOUR abs and personal accomplishments, what have you done for real people in need.

I also want to do bodily harm to the asshole Combat Sport “trainers” that live off the group shots, star fucking selfies, and wreck people’s careers just to say they participated in a laundry list of events. When you need 20 guys to produce 3 or 4 guys that you force onto 10 shows - fuck you. When you only have 2 or 3 guys fighting the best guys on the best shows, then you can talk shit. Until then, take notes and know your place.

Let’s get real about the fact that there are no tricks to anything. You either have skills, acquire knowledge, and hustle your ass off - or you suck and are a poser. As Martial Arts, Combat Sports, and Fitness trainers we are here to make people better. Done, simple, discussion over - you make a living making people better. If you can’t do that, go away. If you can, stop wasting time and money being fake with your marketing and start telling the story that is your life and how it has benefited your customers.

You are a storyteller to get clients. You are a goal crushing machine to keep them.

How do you combat the assholes that keep getting the big numbers? You stop complaining and you start crushing them with real data. OK, I am complaining quite a bit here but I am also crushing these douche bags by exposing their hollow ideas right here right now. Get on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and yes you must use Snapchat! Tell your story, show the results you get for your people, and kill the competition with real shit. Forget your selfies and start taking pics of your community loving you and your amazing ways. Start putting out science and leav the bro science and industry crap for the assholes.

I shit you not, a local trainer did a 20 minute spot online where he mentioned every fucking buzz phrase or word that scares the shit out of people and captures the bro science being peddled online buy the “gurus”. Not 1 client was shown or even mentioned. It was all me me me and come here because we know what you see on TV. It’s bullshit. Don’t be bullshit, be fucking real.

OK, my anger is under control and I am ready to go kill some weakness with another client. This client is a 62 year old woman who can now deadlift more than her body weight, run jump, get up and down plus has taken a confidence level from 0 to 100 in 6 months. It’s not all young and dumb knuckle draggers here. Real people with real issues crushing weakness is our business.

Brian Wright