Make money today, not tomorrow, today!

Own your own business and you can’t pay the bills this month? This is for you. Seriously, this is for every local business owner who can’t get the bills paid today and needs money now. Forget about online, forget about social media, and wake up to the reality that your next buck is within 5 to miles of where you sitting right now.

You can sit in your cave and hammer out nice emails and post cool shit on Facebook, but you are not going to make money today, just like you didn’t make money yesterday, and the day before that… I can say this because you are not making enough to get by. If you were, you wouldn’t be reading this. Wake up to the reality that your business is fueled by human interaction.

How bad do you really want to make money and pay those bills? How sick are you today of not having any money? Are you done complaining and crying in your beer? You ready to get to work right now? I mean right fucking now! No? Go away and stop bothering me with your bullshit. Yes, great! Lets’ do this.

I need you to get up, get dressed, and grab your phone. Forget your business cards and promotional material. You have to be your advertising today. You have to sell you and your best qualities. Jump around, talk to yourself, do whatever you hav to do to get your blood going and convince yourself that the fear and anxiety of talking to people is much easier to deal with then the consistent state of broke and depressed.

Right down the top 10 reasons why somebody should do business with you. Now, say these things out loud ten times each.

Now write down the top spots within 5 miles of your business that your target customers can be found.

Now here is the money making, amazing, pop your bubble, make shit happen, move of the day. Take yourself and go to these places. The goal is 2 spots every 90 minutes. Take your phone. Go introduce yourself to the business manager. Tell them how much you love their business and you want to help them by giving them access to your consumer base. You are doing this because you feel that your consumer could benefit from doing business with your new best friend.

Pull out your phone and take down whatever contact info they will give up. If you can get a cell, text them while standing there confirming that you have their number and put your full name and business in the text. Email, do the same thing – take all there info and email them a confirmation with all your info. DO THIS WHILE STANDING THERE. DO NOT LEAVE UNTIL THIS IS DONE.

You don’t pitch anyone. You don’t sell them anything. You praise them, and say how glad you are to meet them. It’s nice to meet people just like you in your community. Get it?

If you do this right, they will ask you about you. You tell them what you do but you don’t pitch. You just put your best qualities out there conversationally and confidently.

If they ask to be sold, you sell. If they don’t, you don’t pitch. You are not a sales guy today. You are a confident business owner talking to another owner that gets your struggle.

Do this 10 times today and you should have 10 new friends plus 3or 4 people you set up with appointments to come see you or people that you actually closed.

At the end of the day get online. Now you find everyone you met and you friend them on Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube if they have it. You say nice to meet you today. You also post on your professional page the info of everyone you met with links to their websites. You show people that you are a good guy that brings value to a relationship.

Level up on your social media skills. Post at least 3 times a day. Not offers, coupons and savings… real info. Give people free info that has value.

Now get up tomorrow and do this again. Do this daily until you are the authority in your community for whatever it is you do.

In time you will get comfortable doing this. If you learn from each contact, you should actually make money today. By the end of the month you should be way more ahead then where you were when you woke up today.

This is your wakeup call. This is your chance to stop coming up with excuses and start behaving in a pattern that has no excuses. The only thing in the way of your success is you.

Decide – Commit – Succeed

Brian Wright