Complaining is a loser's game

Complaining is a loser's game. I am torn here. I want to say “Shut the fuck up!” but I am the head guy who created the culture in which we train. I have to take responsibility for the complaining too. Taking responsibility just sucks, but it comes with the territory if you choose to lead. By taking responsibility, I don’t say what my knee jerk reaction wants me too. Instead, I think about how to communicate better so the complainers quit the bitching, get why they are playing a loser's game, and I don’t lose a customer. Some people will never subscribe to your theory, they just need to go.

I believe in fighting to give 100% in everything we do because in hard times we won’t think about the good stuff, our fucked up human brain will just throw everything we didn’t do well at us. It is just part of the human condition. We have to limit the negative so our brain has as few excuses to hit us with as possible; if success is a priority in our lives. The people that cut corners and complain infuriate me because they are creating a habit that allows them to quit. I am not a quitter and I hate to see others do it.

I don’t get pissed to just get pissed. I get pissed because I want the best for people. I do know that they have to want the best for themselves and no matter what I want, they will always do and get only what they want. My job is challenge them and to put them in a position to choose the hustle or to quit. I won’t make quitting easy. This is my job in plain language, show the difference between success and failure, hustle and quit…

So, when I am about to pop cause I am infuriated by your lack of hustle, know I am trying to communicate better. Sometimes it works and sometimes I just pop off and drop F bombs. I am a work in progress too. Know that my real rock solid goal is to create a culture wherever I do business that gets people to go all in on what they are doing and to kill the quitter that lurks in us all. I am fighting to get everyone I know to stop cutting corners and to do more than the minimum. I want a staff of warriors and consumers that take on the challenges in their world like the Vikings they can be.

Brian Wright