Afraid to fail

What do you have to lose? You are afraid to fail, so you don’t do so many things. BUT! You don’t like where you are. So, you are basically accepting failure every single day. Why not just do those things you don’t do without fear? You are already failing, what is another failure going to do? What if you don’t fail and you actually change your course? Are you really afraid of failure or are you really afraid of the change winning will bring?

Failure is easy because it doesn’t require anything. You can keep doing what you done or even less. Winning, success… these things require skill, knowledge and hustle. That is some deep stuff. You may need some time to process it and that is ok, you should take the time.

Here is the thing, you have to be real about what you are committed to. If you keep talking success but don’t do anything to achieve it; you are just lying to yourself. Lying to yourself is another easy thing to do, but for only so long. At some point you will come face to face with your success or failure. The reality check will be devastating or satisfying. It is up to you to live in a  way that brings the answers you want not. Don’t complain about whatever outcome you get because it is your outcome, determined by your actions or inactions.

Drop the history lesson that you keep using as an excuse. You can be what you have always been or you can be something new. You have that choice daily. I don’t care where you have been or what you have done or even what’s been done to you… the decisions you make in this moment are yours to make. You can choose as a free person or as a person enslaved to the past. So easy to say but so hard for some people to do. Make the hard choice and do what is right for you, not what somebody else wants for you or what is the easiest choice.

If you own a business, have a job, are the breadwinner in your household…. you have to get this. You can lose everything if you don’t suck it up and do the right things. Everyone in your employ, the people you work for, and all those that depend on you need you to do the right thing, not the easy thing or the wrong thing because you are not prepared. You made a commitment to be your best, now it’s time to live up to it.

Brian Wright