Content! Social media demands content. What to do?

Social media demands content in all forms - video, written word, pics, and audio. This seems like a monumental task for the average person who finds it hard enough to get thru the day without becoming a media producer. Some people will embrace this and go wild, some will do what they feel they can, while others will simply ignore it and fail. If you don’t want to give it a try - go click on something else. If you are here to figure out a strategy that will work, read on.

Here is the easiest way to create a decent amount of content without killing to much time. Start with a video. Create a video where you talk about what you do, the process, the benefit, something…. Write something that relates to the video. Take stills from the video and put them in your written post with links to the video. Take quotes from the video and drop them onto a picture that relates. Make sure you use the comment section of your pics to link up the video and written posts along with good hashtags. Take your video and separate the audio out. Put the audio up on a podcast site.

1 topic can create a big chain of information that can be launched on multiple platforms. Let me break it down:

Post a video on Youtube

Post a blog that relates to your video on a personal blog, digg, medium, etc…

Take stills from the video and drop quotes from the video onto it. Post these on instagram, facebook, pinterest, etc… use the comments section to link up the video and written pieces

Take the audio from your video and post it on soundcloud.

You now have 1 idea that works across all platforms. You can snapchat that you are posting with links to everything. You also can use Periscope and Facebook Live to talk about the topic of your video or that you have a new video up. 1 Topic can start a week's worth of posts with a loop of links that drive people to your business, site, etc…

This process will take a few hours of your time a week but it is the #1 way to drive traffic to your business for little to no cost.

Brian Wright