No overnight success

There really is no such thing as an overnight success.

No matter what you do, it’s an accumulation of ideas and effort over time that brings a project from a to z. Nothing we do comes together in a matter of hours or days. It takes a substantial amount of time to evolve a concept to where it can be self sustaining and monetized. Some ideas will come together quicker than others, but they all will take time and patience to reach their potential.

If you are not in it for the long game, you are not really playing. If you are not prepared for the long journey, go work for somebody that is and get a paycheck. Chasing checks is a short game. Chasing a dream, making it a reality, and growing it to it’s full potential is a long game meant for leaders and innovators.

You have to know who you are. Not everyone is meant to be a leader or innovator. The majority are not born or bred to be #1’s. This is completely acceptable and OK.If you are going to be a number 2 or more, be the best # whatever and provide value. So many people want to be #1’s because they see it as power and freedom. The truth is that power comes from value, not position.

Providing value is the key to everything. Know where you fit in the foodchain. You may be a leader or you may be support. Whatever you are, be the best most valuable person in that position. As a coach, my value is predicated on my ability to communicate to my students. My value is equal to my students because I can’t be a coach without them. Understanding that being a #2 or 3 is not a lesser position. We all have equal value when we have a function that keeps relationships together and projects moving.

Embrace who you are and what your strengths are. This takes time. You don’t just wake up and know yourself. We have so many distractions that act as layers that separate our daily self from our inner true self. You need real time to invest in pulling back the layers and getting to your core.

Once you get to the center, you have to recognize where you belong and start working to get there. Again, this will take time. You have to sell your value to the right parties to get the right position to use your strengths.

Once you have your position, you have to continue to stay grounded and focused while working hard to maintain your value. If you can stay the course, you will achieve success. It’s not the initial steps that will define your success, but your ability to maintain your value over time that creates long term sustainable gains.

All of it is a long game. The short position creates short term wealth. The long game creates long term wealth creation that can be converted into lifelong security, which is also freedom. When you are coming from a position of strength that has the legs to last, you have the freedom to do as you choose. This is the real success game.

Brian Wright