Purpose is everything

Who do you want to help? It’s an important question. If you said “Yourself” - please go away before I start cursing. Knowing who you want to help is paramount to your happiness. You can make all the money you want working with people you hate and you will end up begging to be poor again. Happiness is way more important than you realize when you are broke and not that happy. Money isn’t happiness. How you make money and who you make it with is the key.

When I look at the happiest times in my life, money was scarce but the people were and are amazing. It always comes down to interactions instead of acquisitions that brings happiness and a sense of success or accomplishment. This is a human thing, not just a weird me thing. I don’t know of any happy lonely millionaires. I know lots of people with lots of wealth that are miserable because they hate how they acquired their money or they hate the people they surrounded themselves with. On the other hand, I know quite a few happy very middle class folk with good families and friends that are pretty darn happy driving through life in a Toyota.

It keeps coming down to the who and how that creates the happiness and success. It all starts with who do you want to serve. Figure that out and you now have a pretty clear path. You know who and what they need, you give it to them in a way that gets you where you want to go. When you are happy and satisfied at work, you tend to not create misery at home. Miserable people like failure. They are failures and they do not root for anyone else, they want you to come wallow with them.

I am all about reverse engineering your dreams but you also have to start out on a path that is dealing with the people you want to work with in a way that gives you a sound sense of satisfaction. If you don’t know where to start and where you want to go, you will stay in some weird middle place that just sucks because it is really nowhere special.

I love who I work with and I would literally fight for them. I feel the same in return. This allows me to go further and fight harder because I feel there is a purpose. Purpose is everything. If you feel hollow, I really advise you to take some time to figure out what will make you feel whole. Look at who you are working with and for. No money is worth working without a purpose. Sure you have to pay bills, but there are an infinite number of ways to do it.

Brian Wright