Spend $19.99, Work 2 Hrs a Week, Be A Millionaire, and why none of this is true for you…

Sorry to burst your bubble, but you won’t be able to make millions of dollars by creating passive income based on the $19.99 theory of some dude you saw online smoking cigars in Tahiti. You won’t be able to make millions by only working a few hours a week. You won’t be able to do anything long term that can make you anything worth having without lots of time, sweat, and real practical info.

If you reverse engineer the online scams, you will find a common set of verbiage, tactics, and prices. The 1 or 2 people making the big money are the guys that invented the game. The rest of them are fabricating an existence to lure you in and prey on your human weaknesses. I don’t fault you for falling for any of this. These guys are really good at what they do. Lot’s of research and study has gone into figuring out the buying habits of people. These guys figured out how to tap into your insecurities and use words to give you the confidence to pull out the credit card and buy into their systems that have all the answer. Problem is, the answers they give are lacking and most of it can be found elsewhere for much less or even free.

Here is the truth. No matter your station in life, no matter how much you have or don’t have… if you know your born with skills and talents, acquire knowledge on how to create value off of these skills, and are prepared to work really hard to get these things in front of the right audience at an appropriate price… you have a chance to make something substantial. Again, you only have a chance because there are no guarantees besides that the market will dictate and you will either fight it and fail, or learn how to ride it and make it.

Stop wasting your time looking for secrets. There are no secrets. There are only the things that exist deep inside you that you need to figure out. No outside stimulus is going to figure out your path for you and if you are not in touch with yourself, no matter what you acquire - you are going to be empty. Doing what you feel you were born to do and providing for yourself and those you care about, provides a satisfaction much deeper than anything money can provide.

Go deep, find knowledge, create value, and work hard. This is the key to your satisfaction and ultimate success.

Brian Wright