How bad do you want it?

How bad do you want it? This will be defined by the corners you cut and the extra work you do. Nothing said or thought will matter. How bad you want it will be 100% defined by your effort, focus, and passion.

It is the little things that you know hold you back that you reject because you want it that bad.

It is the words of your seniors that you allow in because you are humble enough to learn from their success and failure.

It is the sleep you don’t get, the games you don’t play, the crap you don’t eat, the drinks you don’t drink, and the distractions you don’t allow into your life….

It is the things you don’t do so you can do the right things....

If you really want it, you will get up, get dressed, and start doing the right thing. No matter the pain, no matter the cost, because the price is worth it.

Stop lying. Stop being a poser. Start being a real champion of your own dreams. I would rather lose at my best than win at my worst. Aspire to greatness in action instead of leaving victory to chance.

How bad do you want it? Don’t tell me, show me.

Brian Wright