Pay to play, or give to get?

Pay to play, or give to get? I have this self proclaimed million dollar mindset asshole preaching that everything has to be a transaction. If somebody is going to step on the mat, they have to pay for the privilege. I get the idea, but I don’t agree. 

You want me to charge for everything. OK, it’s a business. People need to have skin in the game, I guess…. No fuck that. Person walks in and wants to train. I am not charging them to try. In fact, if they show potential to be a long term client but can’t make up their mind - I will give them a week or even a month to get comfortable. Nobody is mastering anything in 30 days. BUT in 30 days I can build the foundation for a long term relationship. Shit, after borrowing loaner gear for a few days and seeing everyone rocking gym shirts… I have a new client paying for the month, a sign up fee, and buying a full gear package.

I don’t like the idea of forcing adults to do anything. I think we all have choices. If we want to buy into a culture and rep it, great. If we don’t, we don’t. As a business owner, it is my job to present an honest view of what we do and how we do it. Decisions will be made and we will move forward together or not. Asshole million dollar whatever calls this a loser’s mindset. I call it a reasonable and human approach to doing business.

Why do we have to all subscribe to the 3 same voices - Napoleon Hill, Dan Kennedy, and Maxwell Maltz? Look them up and you will find everything masterminds are selling for about $100 in books instead of the thousands being charged by masterminds who repackaged old material. Seriously, just google these names and read their stuff. It is the foundation for The Secret and every transformation, 21 day fix, 30 day free… program out there.

So, let’s all be adult about this and do the right thing because the right thing is always the right thing to do. Stop being prey or a predator and start being the human you want to do business with. Trust me! You will do business longer and more consistently lucratively then all these other assholes who’s time is limited. We are living in more and more transparent times where everything will be exposed for what it is in time.

Brian Wright

CEO Phitin