Stop falling for the predators!

I watch these free training videos that promise secrets. I watch them to see what the predators are up to. 1 or 2 people have come up with a system. Now we have 1,000’s of clones using the same system to sell the same system over and over and over…. They keep feeding into the idea that you don’t have to work or you can automate a big portion of your business so you can make money even while you are sleeping. Do you want to make 2 million dollars doing online coaching? Do you want to move to sunny California, buy a Porsche, and live in a mansion?

I need you to understand something. Spending whatever small or large amount of money they are asking for will never make you rich, famous, or change the trajectory of your life.

What I have to say may be harder to hear but it is the truth. The only way to get everything you want out of life is to be you. You can’t copy some guys plan and expect it to work. You are trying to be somebody you are not. You are trying to get rich quick. You need to be you and you need to run your career like a marathon. Nothing good happens quick or overnight. Nothing that can last happens fast. Long lasting results come from you putting yourself in the best place to take daily action and from building a solid foundation. You can’t build a foundation off of a webinar. You can’t buy action.

Sorry to pop your internet rich scheme bubble, but somebody has to. Predators prey on your fears, your desires, and your insecurities. They use language that makes you feel like anything is possible but they really just want a click and a card. They don’t want you to succeed because they have another course waiting to fix the reason why the previous course failed you. It never will be them, it will always be you and your lacking of something else they can help you with. So that Free webinar has turned into thousands of dollars being spent a few hundred at a time over time. They are bleeding you of money, time, but worst of all - they are bleeding you of your initiative and creativity.

By providing solutions, you are put in a position where you don’t have to think. This is intentional. If you are not thinking and being introspective, you are vulnerable. Predators make you vulnerable so they can take from you. You stop being you and start being a professional victim. Stop falling for the tricks of the predator trade and stay on your grind. Be you, stop trying to be somebody else.

Success can’t be bought. You have to earn it. You have to figure out what you do best and go all in. You have to create relationships that compliment your skill set and fill in your holes. You can’t do everything and you can’t buy a magic anything to make it happen. It is always your skill, the right knowledge, and tons of hustle. You will always have to work if you want something.

Get of the computer, stop being prey, and get on your hustle.

Brian Wright