You keep waiting for this and it is why you are not getting what you want

Perfection is an excuse for the weak to never start. I hate to call you weak, but somebody has to. If you are waiting, read on. If you are working, you probably don’t have time to read this, so move on. Seriously, your idea of perfection is the crutch you are using to hold up your broken ability to take action. Stop waiting, start working.

I hate excuses. I hate perfectionists. I hate people that don’t do, but speak about so many things they want. If you really want something, you quiet the noise and just do, or you power through the noise to get it done. No excuses when you have passion and drive.

What does starting do? Through action we create. Your 1st steps can be right or wrong. Don’t worry about it! The best don’t take perfect actions or wait for the perfect time. The best understand that speed matters. The 1st in gets the advantage. You can pivot or adjust as you go. You can create the perfect ending which is all that matters.

If you wait for the perfect time to start, you may never get going, and you are risking a loss of opportunity t create the perfect ending. What matters more, the start or the finish? I would rather have a bad start with a great finish. Waiting has me sitting around while other people steal my dreams or get so far ahead, I can’t catch up.

Focus on creating the perfect ending and just get going today. Action and speed trumps inaction every time. Learn to go and to adjust on the fly if you really want what you keep talking about. Gotta walk the talk to be legit in this life.

Brian Wright