We all get knocked down. What do we do next?

Getting knocked down is just another opportunity to show how strong you really are.


If you fight long enough, your rear is going to hit the canvas. This is a literal and figurative statement. Some of us have stepped into the ring and others do it figuratively each day as we fight for the things we want. We can take a fist to the face or get hit with negativity from those around us. We all take hits and we all get knocked down.

I asked my 4 year old son what to do when knocked down? He told me to get back up because that is what men do! I love this kid. At 4, he knows the truth about life. When we get knocked down, we get back up because that is our job as adults, as humans, as people striving for better… You can’t lose if you don’t quit. Games have time limits and scores. Life is what it is. As long as we keep getting up and engaging in life, for as long as e can take a breath, we cannot lose.

When we quit, everything worth having goes away. I don’t care what possessions you have, when you quit, you no longer are of value. Love takes work, relationships take work, the world demands work for you to maintain a place in it. Connection with others is our value. If we quit, we lose that connection, we no longer have purpose, and we provide no meaning.

Take the hits, get knocked down, and keep getting back up. Each time you rise, you are doing it of your own free will. This makes you stronger. We get torn down, we heal, we come back stronger. This is how nature works. Embrace the struggle and never stay down.

Brian Wright