Nope, you are not


Are you sitting there actually believing you should be in the place of somebody else? That person you are watching from afar doing great things, are you saying that should be you? No, it should not be you. If you are as good if not better, you didn’t do the work. If you have put in the work, you are not that good. This is just the hard truth about everything, no luck, no chance - it is skill and work.

I almost got fired when I was younger from a health club I taught Karate at. I was fighting professionally at the time. I was fully immersed in the life of a fighter. I was putting in a full time jobs worth of hours into my training. I was in the weight room, as I was pretty much daily, lifting heavy objects, when a white collar guy in his 40’s came up to me. I knew of him because he did some private boxing lessons with a good friend of mine. This dude had the audacity to tell me that we are no different. He is a fighter too, he just does it for free on weekends at the bar?

At 21 years of age, I was not as level headed as I am now, which is to say not that level headed at all. I actually throttled the guy - grabbed him by the throat and slammed him into a wall. I proceeded to explain that fighting in a bar and what I do is not even remotely similar. Point made, throat released, big meeting with the owner of the club, a bit of contrition, and nobody ever compared themselves to me again.

I was wrong. I was young and stupid. Don't do what I did!

Why am I telling this bit of history? Because this asshole is just like any other person that inflates their view of themselves with no reality to back up this inflation. He didn’t do the work, he didn’t travel the world fighting people prepared for combat sport. He sold paper products. I made a living fighting people in rings and cages. We are not even remotely similar and neither are you with that guy you dream of being but haven’t put in the work to become.

If you are working a job you hate and sitting on your ass complaining that if you just had more time, you are full of shit. The guy you wish you were started broke, sacrificed to get where they are, and are staying where they are because they never got complacent. You binge watched Netflix this past weekend while that guy was doing what you say you can do but really know you can’t.

Want this to change? Stop reading to get to work. Stop complaining and start working. Stop wishing it was different and actually be different.

Stop saying if only… you make your luck, you earn your money, and you win your titles by actually doing things. You are fat because you eat too much. You are drunk because you drink too much. You are broke because you don’t do the right things with your money. You got passed over, not because of politics, but because you made it ok to pass you over. It is not your skin color, sexual preference, color of your hair, how you dress, speak…. It is because you have not done things of value.

In the real world, winners earn it. In the real world, leaders lead because they give people what they need. In the real world, champions crush challengers. If you are not the champ, it is because you haven’t crushed anything yet. You 1st have to crush the bullshit. Stop making excuses and get on it. Time to get to work, let’s go.

Brian Wright