Don't carry this

Failure is only a burden when it is the same failure over and over


Anyone who tells you it’s not ok to fail, has never done anything worth speaking about in life. In striving to achieve great things, we will fail over and over. Failure is the foundation for all great success. It is impossible to be perfect.

The thing about failure is the pattern. If you are failing, working thru why and doing what you can to not have the same failure - you are in a good place. If it is the same story over and over, you are not just failing, you are stuck in a rut. You can’t build anything on top of a rut. You have to break the cycle and get past each failure in order to build something great.

Don’t listen to happy talk about failure and how it is ok. Get real about it. Never be ok with failure, accept it, learn from it, evolve because of it. Just don’t wallow in it or come up with excuses as to why it is ok for you to fail the same way at the same things time after time.

Focus on building a better version of yourself thru the knowledge gained by each failure on the way up. Don’t accept failure as a state of being. Success is the goal, achieving our goals is the focus, don’t forget what you are working towards. Keep moving forward in pursuit f the things you want, don’t just keep your eye on it all. You have to do the work, learn with each step, and evolve along the way.

Brian Wright