Stop doing this right now

Stop consuming and start creating. Inspiration comes from connecting within to the outer world

The object of all this is to become a person that takes more action, more informed action, and action that maps towards our goals. There is so much information out there created to pull you in, to overwhelm in order to keep you consuming longer and longer… the best want you to watch and move on, the worst want you to never do anything but feel like you are because of the words they say - for a price.

Inspiration in the form of content is fine, as long as the inspiration creates action. If the inspiration just creates ideas you never act upon, you will have lots of knowledge with nothing to show for it.

Many of us get covered in layers that have disconnected us from ourselves. It takes knowledge to break thru. Some of this knowledge can come from the outside to help us get inside. The real volume of information is within. Learn from others if you don’t know how, but you ultimately need to find your own way to your own center.

Once you find your center, connect with you and connect you with the outer world. Sounds real metaphysical but is actually practical. In simple terms; know who you are, know what you want, know what you are good at, and do that more of your day than anything else. You can’t be yourself if you don’t know who you are.

The real risk of consumption is emulation. When we are lost, we will follow anything. You can easily become a version of someone else instead of who you are if you look at so much content that you lose your sense of self. Taking specific actions that are proven to achieve something is one thing, acting as if you are someone you are not is another. Information is available to enhance our existence, not become our existence.

Work daily to know who you are and figure out how to bring that to light. T does not need more of itself, it needs you.

Brian Wright