Weird thing about truth

There is this weird thing about truth, it’s true! No matter what you feel or what your opinion is, truth is factually correct.

When we like something, the truth is easy to tell. When we don’t, we tend to do what we can to bend it, reshape it, or distract from its meaning. The thing is, no matter what we do, it is still true. We can live in denial or a mental construct, but the truth is concrete reality that we can never fully escape from. You don’t have to like it, you just have to figure out how to live with it and be better because of it.

I don’t like many real things. I don’t like lots of choices I have made. None of these things will change because of my feelings but I can change because my feelings may motivate me to create a reality that I feel better about. The struggle for many of us is accepting reality without judgement. When we allow things to be what they are, we now have a real opportunity to become what we choose to be. If we ignore reality, we continue a false existence where we are fighting to maintain a facade, instead of striving to be what we say we are.

Judgement comes with lots of baggage. Being analytical allows us to look at things objectively. Being objective allows for us to figure out the positive and the negative constructively. This allows for the possibility of change and refinement without the emotional baggage judgement carries with it.

Let go of the emotional attachments to everything you do. Give yourself the freedom of analysis without judgement. Making mistakes are not problems if we learn from them. Being judgmental does not allow us to learn, it just causes us pain. Everything is an opportunity to be better or an opportunity to wallow in self pity. The person that cares about your mistake will forget it once you overcome it.

Babe Ruth is remembered for being the home run king. Thing is, he also broke the record for the amount of strike outs too. People will not remember the strikeouts once you start knocking things out of the park consistently. Failure is the foundation for success and success is all people will see once you get there. Your failures will become a source of pride as you overcome them. Stop caring and start earning so you can actually get to that better position.

Brian Wright