There are levels to this

I got asked by a fighter “Do you believe I can do it?” This was in reference to a fight they wanted to line up. My answer was “No.” It is hard tell a person you don’t believe in them. I said it with no malice. I said it because I care for the safety of this person, physically and mentally. I know they could get hurt and discouraged in a way that could take them out of the sport.

Here is why I didn’t have the ability to say “yes”. It is simple, the work has not been done. I don’t care how bad you want something, if the work has not been done, you have given me nothing to believe in. Desire is only a part of the battle. You have to have the body and the technique to back it up. If you don’t have a body prepared for physical combat, you can’t do much of anything. This is why the work is so important.

I believe that all people have the potential to be great. If you do the work, I will stand with you and make sure you get the best training plus guidance I can provide. If you do not live a life that maps towards the potential you have, I can’t endorse you for competition.

UFC fighter, Glory veteran, and Killer B athlete - Karl Roberson, says it all the time “There are levels to this shit.” Serious truth being told here. The levels are not magic or something you are born with. You advance after the work is done. The work gets your body right. The hits don’t hurt so much in time and the cardio is built so the body can keep going when needed. The techniques you train need to be battle tested in sparring. Your mind and spirit need to be forged in competition. Nobody walks onto the mat and is elite. Everyone goes thru the process of elevating their game and their body to eventually become elite, or not.

There is a level of physicality, skill, talent, and awareness that only elite fighters understand. It is the hours, days, weeks, months, and years of hard work that create this. If you want it, you have to be prepare to go the distance. It is not an easy road. It will most likely break you. How you respond to this is where we find out if you are elite.

If you have the audacity to ask me if you are ready, be sure you did the work. If you have not, I will say “no”. It is nothing personal, it is the business of combat sports. Our currency is sweat and effort. You want your spot at the table? Go fucking earn it.

Brian Wright