Know your place


One of the most frustrating things as a coach is wasted talent due to distraction. It doesn’t matter what the distraction is, if the talent is wasted, the full potential cannot be reached. I can’t make anyone do anything, or view things as I see them. I know I can’t save people from themselves, I can only express my position and hope it helps people on their path.

One of the biggest distractions is fame. The idea that we can be the people we watch in media is a huge distraction for those that lack experience. We see the highlights, but miss the struggle to get the attention. Every well known champ was once an unknown challenger with a dream that inspired the work. Read that again - with a dream that inspired the work. No champ ever, of anything worthy of being called the champ of, became champ without doing the work.

The idea that you can be champ is very important. You have to believe in your potential to justify the sacrifice and the pain of daily effort. But you have to sacrifice and give the effort daily to make the belief and the dream a reality. It is a balance that creates success, you can’t do the work without belief and you have nothing to actually believe in without the work.

If you don’t beat the champ, you are not the champ. Don’t pretend, you either won or you lost. If you lose, leave the excuses for those around you. You have to accept your results and move forward. If you are built for the challenge, you will learn and make sure you improve by putting in more work.

Lastly, I don’t care how bad you want it or the volume of effort you can put out, if you don’t have the humility to listen to those that know what it takes to achieve your goals. No person can achieve great things alone. Combat sports is a bitch you have to take on with the right team of people. If you think you have the wrong team, don’t blame them because you chose them. Find the right fit for you and shoulder the responsibility for the results based on who choose to trust, and what you choose to do.    

Emulate what champions did when in your current position. Stop trying to be the next big thing before you even started to figure out who you are.

Brian Wright