Are you doing what they tell you, or doing what you were born to do?


Are you doing what you think you are supposed to be doing or what you actually want? There is no happiness in faking it. There is no joy in trying to make the world happy by being obedient. The path to happiness is doing what you want, how you want, and in a way that brings value to the lives of those you find yourself in service of.

None of us live in a bubble. We are part of a community or communities. In doing what we want to make a living, we have to service others or we are just stealing. Steal long enough, you get caught. Provide value and you will be consumed forever and remembered in a positive light.

Don’t do things to get a pat on the back. If you are making everyone happy but you, no praise will fill the void where your happiness should be but isn’t. Making people happy with the things you find passion in, now that is the sweat spot where happiness and purpose are found.

No amount of things you acquire will ever satisfy you if you are not following your path. I know lots of miserable wealthy people. Their money has not made them, it has exposed them. Make your money doing things that fulfill you, not just our bank account.

Nobody can tell you what your passion is. Nobody can connect you with your purpose but you. Your happiness can include others but it will always start and end with you and your choices. Stop reading other people’s playbook and get to writing your own story. Figure out who you are, what you want, and what your passion is. Find those that will benefit from your passion and build a community around it.

Trust me, you will never fail when living according to your passions in a way that provides value to your community. Those that fail at living the dream focused only on themselves. Don’t be the fool who could never trust, who wouldn’t be empathetic, and was afraid of losing more than they cared about helping others win.

Do what it is you were meant to do. Don’t allow anyone to write your story. It's your life, live it your way and be a valuable person in your community.  

Brian Wright