No shortcuts

Here is the thing that separates the successful from the failures or at best mediocre achievers; patience.

With patience you will put in the work over the time necessary to achieve the things you have established as goals.

Without patience, you will rush the process, look for quick fixes, and ultimately quit because you don’t have the endurance to succeed.

Patience is not waiting. Patience is putting in the work and not rushing the process. Patience is doing what is appropriate at the time. Patience is simply doing the right thing all the time. Look at everything like going to the gym. You don’t get ripped after 1 workout. It takes months of work, rest, fuel, repeat… you won’t see massive results at any 1 point. You will see results over time that will add up to big changes. You have to have the patience to keep working and trusting the proven process.

Quick fat loss is the same as get rich quick. Predators prey on the weak who lack patience. Those that don’t want to do the work will fall for the scam solutions every time. Just accept that there are no shortcuts. No matter how pretty the idea you are being sold on is, if it doesn’t require work and patience - it is most likely a scam. Accept that everything takes the time it takes and requires work to succeed. The reason so few have found such great success is because they are willing to do the work. Be a grinder and stop looking for the short cuts or easy answers. Don’t make it harder than it has to be either, be smart enough to figure out the process and go for it.

Brian Wright