Work Backwards!

I always work backwards. It’s true, I don’t work from the bottom up, I start on the top and work back, I reverse engineer. This is really important for me and you too. If you just work with no end game, end goal, specific destination… you waste lots of time just doing. If you have a focus, you can direct all your efforts towards a goal. Reverse engineering is just a more efficient way to work.

If I know what I am working for, I have motivation. If I know what I am working for , I have direction. This is what gets me thru the hard times and allows me to recognize real progress. I have something to hold my actions up to and to be analytical about my performance. It isn’t just what I am doing but is it moving me towards my goal?

Success is found in the work but not just in work. Everyone can do something hard, make themselves tired, and get dirty. If it was all about the volume, it would be easy. It’s the volume and the quality working towards an end result that creates success. True satisfaction comes from achieving things you establish as goals for yourself. The act of just working becomes a grind with little to no satisfaction. Work with a purpose gives our lives meaning.

As a leader, I have to connect my people with the purpose of what they are being asked to do. This is how I get people engaged in the process. The more they know about their individual value for the overall project, the more connected they become - if they believe. A company is the sum total of all the people’s efforts. Focus these efforts towards achieving a specific goal that has been communicated clearly - now you have a much happier and productive company. This is no easy task. You have to constantly stay within the ranks making sure the connection is constantly being made.

Establish a goal with a timeline. Reverse engineer it back to where you are. Communicate the goal and the path to the team. Execute with passion and purpose. Lead by from within the team, keep them grounded in their value that is essential to achieving the end result.

Brian Wright