Are you playing a losing game?

Complaining is a losers game. The energy it takes to bitch and moan, you can use this to do something positive and progressive in your position. The 1 thing I find in complainers is that the are not just complaining, they are looking for permission to do the wrong thing. They try and get as many people they can into the pity party so they can feel better about the bad move they are going to make.

The right thing is the right thing no matter how bad you want it to be something it can’t be. No matter how many people you pull into your bubble, things are still what they are. Doing the wrong thing with the support of bad people is still bad!

If you catch yourself playing the loser's game, stop and go deep on what is actually going on. Give yourself permission on the tough challenge and do the right thing, especially when it scares you. Being scared is ok. Not doing the right thing because you are scared should be unacceptable.

If the people around you are applauding your worst behavior, you need to cut them loose. The people around you can pull you down or lift you up. It is your choice who you choose to include in your circle. I prefer people in the fight because we push each other and don’t tolerate the excuses, complaining, or weakness. My circle embraces its strengths and goes for it.  What does yours do?

Stop complaining, be scared but act in spite of it, cut the pity party crowd out of your life, and surround yourself with people that make you better or just be by yourself until you find these kinds of people. The control is in your hands. You can do the right thing or you can do the wrong thing. You can complain or you can solve problems. It has always been and will always be up to you what gets done or what does not.

Make a decision and go be that person.

Brian Wright